Do you have any questions about my editorial services? Check here first to see if they’ve already been answered!

What exactly does proofreading entail? Is it different from editing?

As a proofreader on your project, I will check your writing for any final typos and mistakes before publishing, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. I will not rewrite your content or make any major changes (as that would be editing). They’re your words, and I will respect them.

Self-published authors, keep in mind that proofreading is the last stage in the editing process. If you’ve hired me to proofread your book, please make sure your manuscript has gone through the other stages of editing (developmental, content, and copy) before sending it to me. I should be the last pair of eyes on your manuscript before you hit Publish. If you need a copyeditor, I offer that service as well (for a higher rate).

(If you’re not sure whether you need proofreading or copyediting, read this blog post to learn the difference! If you’re still unsure, feel free to send me a sample of your manuscript and I’ll let you know what it needs.)

What types of content do you proofread?

I proofread book manuscripts and online content. You can find a detailed breakdown of each type of proofreading on my Services page.

How much will proofreading cost?

Every project is different, and my rates vary based on project length, complexity, and timeframe. Feel free to contact me for a quote and we can work something out!

When do I pay you?

For a one-time project (such as a book manuscript), I will require half of the total payment upfront before I start and the other half upon completion.

If you’d like to send me regular content (e.g. a few blog posts a week), we can work out a biweekly or monthly billing system.

Do you offer proofreading samples?

Yes! I can proofread up to 1500 words at the same base rate I would charge for the whole project. If you decide to work with me, I’ll then deduct that amount from the total price.

How should I send my content to you for proofreading?

However you like! I prefer to work in Google Docs or MS Word using Track Changes, but I can also annotate a PDF.

How soon can I expect my manuscript/document back?

That depends on the size of the project and my schedule. I can give you an estimate after you contact me for a quote. Note that if you’re on a tighter deadline and I need to rearrange my schedule to accommodate your project, a rush fee will apply.

Can I send you my book manuscript in chunks?

Of course! I charge per word, so I’ll invoice you for however many words you send me at a time.

Which style guide(s) do you follow?

The Chicago Manual of Style, plus whatever exceptions you’d like to include in a style sheet.

Which variation(s) of English do you proofread in?

Only US English at the moment.

What’s your stance on the Oxford comma?

I love it! But it’s fine if you don’t. Just let me know and I’ll be sure to avoid it.

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